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TRAILER-TUG, LLC. Terms and Conditions

Dealership Requirements

Retail dealers must maintain a storefront for retail sales and must maintain regular business hours. TRAILER-TUG, LLC. dealers must carry, display, and sell TRAILER-TUG, LLC. product inventory to qualify as an active dealer.

Online Dealers must have TRAILER-TUG, LLC. products on company website and online store.

Insurance Requirements

Dealers will carry general liability insurance and have proof of insurance sent to TRAILER-TUG, LLC. by

their insurance agent.

Pricing and MSRP

TRAILER-TUG, LLC. sets a Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price, MSRP, for all its regular available products. The MSRP for each product can be found on the TRAILER-TUG, LLC. price list on the web: TRAILER-TUG, LLC. will regulate M.A.P. prices to protect all dealers.

Territories and Exclusivities

TRAILER-TUG, LLC. does not regularly offer exclusives or protected territories to retailers. Exceptions are made at the sole discretion of TRAILER-TUG, LLC. Any additional sale outlets must be approved by TRAILER-TUG,LLC. to product listings.

Internet Sales

All internet sales of TRAILER-TUG, LLC. products are strictly governed and at the sole discretion of TRAILER-TUG, LLC. Auction sales of TRAILER-TUG, LLC. products are prohibited except in cases specifically authorized by TRAILER-TUG, LLC. Dealer must also display all products and logos visible on site.


TRAILER-TUG, LLC. accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, PayPal, and Wire Transfers.

Drop Shipments

All Drop Ship costs are 15% over wholesale to cover handling and storage by TRAILER-TUG, LLC.

Drop shipments will be on dealers shipping account unless otherwise agreed by TRAILER-TUG, LLC.

TRAILER-TUG, LLC. will not be responsible for any shipping or freight charges related to the drop shipment of orders, including return shipment costs, COD charges, surcharges, etc. Any customer concerns other than manufacturer defects will be covered by the original company of sale.

Shipping and Freight

TRAILER-TUG, LLC. ships via FedEx Ground for small volume orders, and via common carriers for large quantity orders. Other shipping options are available upon request. Damage claims are the sole responsibility of the carrier and must be negotiated directly between the dealer and the carrier. Any claim must be filed with the carrier upon delivery. Ownership of goods is transferred to dealer upon delivery to shipper.

Back Orders

TRAILER-TUG, LLC. will not hold backorders of a requested product if the product is out of stock or unavailable. TRAILER-TUG, LLC. will notify the customer when the product is available at the customer’s request.


Warranty Policy


A limited warranty for TRAILER-TUG, LLC. products is provided by TRAILER-TUG, LLC. to the original purchaser. Please direct consumers to the TRAILER-TUG, LLC. Limited Warranty in their assembly instructions for details, or to the TRAILER-TUG, LLC. website at

  • If product has manufacture defect - DO NOT USE PRODUCT.

  • Contact us as soon as possible at 714-369-8066 or and we will send you a new product or the necessary parts.