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After 40 years of wrestling various trailers such as Horse Trailers, Utility Trailers, Motorcycle Trailers, Camping Trailers, Race Trailers, and Boat Trailers; I got tired of buying plastic wheel after plastic wheel. I continued on, purchasing every trailer dolly invention out there, in hopes of finding a more efficient tool.

One day, my dolly over rotated as I was pushing it into the trailer, the long handlebar hit me in the mouth as it popped out of the hitch and slammed to the ground. This dolly hit me hard enough to make me realize that there had to be a better way.

After this, I made it my mission to invent and manufacture the easiest, yet toughest trailer dolly of all time:

  1. Capacity of over 3,500lb tongue weight, instead of the standard 400lb to 1000lbs.
  2. Will not over rotate when pushing into the trailer.
  3. Ball balanced within the middle of 3-2000lb capacity, alloy hub, urethane wheels.
  4. Brake to hold dolly from rolling out of garage.
  5. Easy to assemble.
  6. Will not have to inflate the tires.
  7. Will not have to charge a battery.
  8. Can be lifted into your truck or car to take with you.
  9. Can be locked to the trailer to leave for portable use.
  10. Weather-Proof.
  11. LIFETIME Warranty against manufacture defects.

Our Goal is simple – to provide you with the best trailer moving experience you have ever had. Up until now, it has been a game of struggling, balancing, and pure frustration.