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  • Can I use this on a hill?
Please do not use down a hill towards you. Much like a tiny car, the trailer will overpower the trailer dolly. The brake is meant to keep the dolly from rolling out of it's storage area, not to stop a moving trailer.

  • What is the height of the hitch ball from the ground up?

15.5" to where the ball sits, 18" to the top of the ball. Ball sold separately.

  • Does this dolly take any sized ball?

Yes this dolly works with all ball sizes as long as the shank is 1" in diameter. Ball is sold separately.

  • Does it come with a ball?

We designed this product with the ball sold separately so our customers can have the freedom to use the dolly on various trailers that require different ball sizes. If you would like to purchase a ball please contact or 714-369-8066.

  • Will this unit accept a 2 inch ball??? Is it easy to move this up slight incline into garage?

It will have no problem going up a slight incline. If you are using it on a decline, we do not recommend trying to stop your trailer with this. It will accept any size ball with a 1" diameter shank.

  • Can 1 person move a 1800# teardrop trailer with this unit?

Yes! You will have no problem moving this. It has a 3,500lb tongue weight.


  • How can I disengage electric brakes so I can move my trailer with the dolly?

A trailer with surge brakes cannot be backed up without inserting a pin in the neck of the trailer. When the tow vehicle is in reverse, pushes in on the trailer neck, which would activate the surge brakes. Inserting a pin in the neck of the trailer prevents this from happening while the driver is backing up. If the pin is left in the neck of the trailer, the surge brake will be disabled. The pin must be removed when the vehicle is ready to travel


  • Can I use this on 19 foot bass boat on a cement garage floor even if we need to turn it into a corner with a tandem axle trailer?

Yes, you can use this for a 19 Foot Bass Boat and it will turn VERY EASY with a tandem axle trailer. You will have no issues at all.

  • Is this easy to back up?

Yes! When pushing into the trailer, use the back rubber bumper to keep the weight on the rear wheels and the dolly stable. Do not bring handle towards you while trying to push back.

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  • Does it accept a 1" shank on the trailer hitch ball?

Yes, it does.


  • I park on gravel it’s tough to get my boat in and out. Can I push this on gravel?

Yes! This product is modeled after pallet casters which are responsible for transporting heavy shipments over various terrain. The urethane wheels glide over gravel.







  • Will this accept a 2.5" inch long shank?

Yes, this unit has a hole that goes straight through. It accepts a shank as long as 3.5".